"... the album has an ebb and flow, much like the ocean near which it was recorded in North Carolina."
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Balance, directed by Jay Buim, is a beautiful music video about two hitchhikers trying to get to the beach. The music comes from the latest album by NC/MD band Future Islands: On The Water.

Buim also directed the video for Tin Man, a single from the band's previous album.

Another video from On The Water: Before the Bridge.

Future Islands is comprised in part of members from the Wham City collective (most famously known for Dan Deacon).
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And if the music isn't your thing, you can mute it and play the Ramones' "Rockaway Beach" twice instead.
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Too bad you didn't post this before Heminator's AskMeFi of two days ago in which he was looking for the name of this band. You could have saved him a question. There should be a word for serendipity that didn't quite happen - like sorryndipity.
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Can I just drop this in here? Thanks, I'll be off now.
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NEEDS MOAR COMMENTS. I love this band.
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Yeah, me too. I can't wait for them to come back to Baltimore so I can see them.
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