So you read the "Madman and the Professor"
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So you read the "Madman and the Professor" and thought it interesting. Edward Ruloff is another murdering philologist with the extra cachet that his 1871 trial for killing a dry-goods clerk was one of the first to test the admissability of photographs as evidence. The Supreme Court agreed with lower rulings that they could be allowed; Ruloff was hanged. In 1845, he had been accused of murdering his wife and child and was imprisoned for ten years for the abduction of his wife, but without a corpus delecti, he could not be convicted for the murder of his child. This man is writing a biography of Ruloff; a publisher could do a lot worse.
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Ruloff's brain is on display in Uris Hall at Cornell University. He had one big noggin, I'll tell you that.
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hef, href..what's the difference..

Here's the brain, if anyone's interested
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The brain is also found on page two of the "Edward Ruloff" link above, along with more interesting images and documentation.
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