Australians actually love Indians
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I wanted to try and balance that out, by showing that Australians actually love Indians. We love them for who they are, it's just that Australians are not very good at showing it.

Reductive, broad-brush positive stereotyping is certainly an improvement over negative stereotyping, but it's still some distance from what I would think would be the ideal of taking people as individuals, with their own distinctive good and bad points. Loving all the people of a given culture isn't really that much more a sophisticated approach to the world than hating them.
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I thought that was really worth watching.

Here's his website

And here is an extended interview with him on Indian television, part one, part two.
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I read that as "faith in taxis", which brought to mind images of e. coli scuttling towards sucrose.

I need to get out more.
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I'd never thought of it the way Connell puts it, but migration is a heroic act, whether it's flawed or successful or failed or painful or mundane. Yeah. Heroic.
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Meets one person, decides that "these people are treasures". I appreciate this well-intentioned effort to fight oppression, and hope that several more steps are taken next
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