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AdWeek presents vintage photographs from advertising days past, from the MadMen era and earlier. See photos of copywriters, creative directors, secretaries and account directors from Grey, BBDO, McCann, and other agencies frequently name dropped in Mad Men (many of whom are still around today).
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This is like Meta Pepsi Blue.
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That is all.
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A "Greyhound" is a mixed drink consisting of gin and grapefruit juice.

Thank You,
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from the MadMen era

What, 2007-2010?
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Aside from the greyhound Kinda like a normal day at the office. And the typewriters, and the phones, and everyone wearing ties, and not having four people on a floor due to layoffs, and everything else really. So I guess it is pretty different.
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They all look like photos taken to finish off the reel a minute after Bob Dylan's left the interview room.
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Great photos, but you know what I hate? Slideshows where you have to scroll back down every time you change slides, that's what I hate!
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"Female employees at the Lois Holland Callaway agency in New York showing off their hot pants in 1971".

Posing on tables, and a lap.

But those aren't really true hotpants, are they? They're way too long.
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I'm not sure that's a lap - there's something non-Euclidean going on with the guy's leg.
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Yeah, not a lap but she seems to be hovering or maybe he's crushing his side of the stool.

Also, does that poster say "PROM PIG"?
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If you want to see stuff like this in moving color, try this.

Also, love the shoes and glasses.
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No one in these pictures looked anywhere close to as hot as Jon Hamm, not even Draper Daniels, on whom Don Draper is partly based.

I'm so disillusioned.
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McCann's doesn't seem like that bad a place to work, based on the reception area...
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Hot Pants!
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Pharmaceutical advertising was never this hip.

Mini skirts yes
Alas, no hot pants.
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I work in advertising/creative, and we still have dogs on tables sometimes. We don't stand on tables in hotpants ( THANKFULLY).
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