Anna Nicole Smith is going to get the $474 million after all
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Anna Nicole Smith is going to get the $474 million after all a federal court ruled that the former Playmate of the Year should receive the huge sum. despite the fact that she was J. Howard Marshall's wife for only 14 months (the last 14 months of his life), never lived with him, and was never in his will. [more...]
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His will was irrevocable - last written two weeks after he married Smith and conspiculously never mentioned her. And who can blame him - she caught a plane out of Texas minutes after marrying the oil man, leaving him alone in his wheelchair honeymoonless.

But my question is, how can a California court rule in favor of her despite all these facts, and the fact that a Texas marriage does not automatically give the wife half of the estate?

btw i'm happy that she gets the cash - theres nothing more amusing than watching utter white trash blow such an ungodly sum.
posted by tsarfan at 11:32 AM on September 27, 2001

unless it's watching utter white trash blow a 90 year old man.
posted by Kafkaesque at 11:35 AM on September 27, 2001

that would go as less amusing in my book...

when i'm a dirty rich old guy and i marry a stripper, i'll say those magic words, pre-nuptial agreement.
posted by th3ph17 at 11:46 AM on September 27, 2001

I'd be celebrating right now if I where her drug dealer... er, I mean 'Doctor/Psychotherapist'.
posted by thekorruptor at 12:02 PM on September 27, 2001

what a deal!
posted by panopticon at 12:04 PM on September 27, 2001

Unrelated but interesting celeb news:
Brittany Spear's homemade "personal moment" tapes have been stolen. Coming soon to the web: Brittany Porn!
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th3ph17, if you were a dirty old rich man and you REALLY wanted to marry a stripper, the last words you would say would be "prenuptial agreement." The guy knew exactly why she was marrying him. And hey, it's not like he was marrying her for her sparkling personality. I'd say he had only a pair of...*cough*...attributes in mind.
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skallas has a point. true, i imagine there was some amount of senility involved -- but if the guy was so deluded to think that this enormously breasted slut wanted to marry him for any other reason than his money ... i'm reminded of something my dad told me once. 'ignorance isn't an excuse.'
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Guess the kids should have visited the old coot more often.
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Well, there's still more than a billion left for the son that's been fighting her- let's not feel too bad for anyone involved. My feeling is that half-the-estate appreciation isn't a bad guide, although in this case it sounds like there's a pretty good argument Marshall didn't want her to get that much. However, it's also hard to say he didn't want her to get anything, as the son argued- whether we like it or not, he married her in a perfectly legal manner. It's classic big money estate thing- everyone wants everything, no one wants to be Solomonic. The estate was like $1.6B or so on his death; why the son with the best claim didn't try to just buy off ANS with a couple of hundred million is beyond me. They both hit the six-pick in the genetic lottery; he by being the one lucky sperm, she by being pretty damn fine her day, enough to attract an aging billionaire.

My feeling is this: he could have just as easily had her as a love slave or whatever else he actually wanted without marrying her for fuck's sake. But no, he married her, with no pre-nuptial. He knew what he was doing- and if he didn't, then his later wills would be just as suspect- you can't have it both ways, eh? If ANS could manipulate him because he was senile or addled, then why couldn't his own son do the same? Like has been said, he chose to marry her for better or worse; I 'spect if he'd simply said "I'll give you $25M cash on my death, plus support you lavishly as a live-in girlfriend while I live, but I won't marry you" ANS would have jumped at that offer as quickly. Hell, I would occasionally choke down some liver-spotted cock over a 14 month period for $464M...
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Fuckin' a, I sure hope they do! $464M would be a heckuva raise over what I'm getting now for choking down 80-year old cock!
posted by hincandenza at 4:36 PM on September 27, 2001

That's it! I'm marrying Anna Nicole Smith.
posted by Loudmax at 6:01 PM on September 27, 2001

hincandenza: call me.
posted by jcterminal at 6:21 PM on September 27, 2001

I love Britney Spears. Dammit, I really do.
posted by dopamine at 7:17 PM on September 27, 2001

Call me sleazy, but I still think Anna Nicole Smith looks hot, simple-minded bimbo & former Stuckey's waitress or not- I'd do her even without that $464M piggy bank. With that $464M piggy bank, though, I suspect we're finally going to see Elvis' equal in the "exceptionally tacky use of wealth" department.

All that said, I'm now gonna have to slowly back away from this thread while nervously laughing, because of that jcterminal comment. Jeez, JCT, didn't you read MeFi's sexual harassment policy?!?
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we are talking about 474 million here. Hell, for that much, I'd do it too.
In fact, I am offering a sweet deal this week only.
I will do it for half that amount.
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Bradth27, meet jcterminal. jcterminal, meet bradth27. I think you too have a lot in common...
Gosh, don't they make a cute couple?
posted by hincandenza at 11:17 PM on September 27, 2001

Just keep tabs on those 'personal moment' videotapes, never know where they might end up.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 1:26 AM on September 28, 2001

Double post.
posted by pracowity at 3:09 AM on September 28, 2001

464 Million doesn't go as far as it used to!
posted by timetostepback at 5:42 AM on September 28, 2001

464 Million doesn't go as far as it used to!
posted by timetostepback at 5:43 AM on September 28, 2001


"David Margulies, a spokesman for Marshall, said Tuesday that the bankruptcy court's ruling did not address the Texas court's finding that Smith has no right to the estate. "

ANS has not been awarded the money.
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