Sculpture, Light and Projection
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Dev Harlan describes himself as a multidisciplinary artist whose hybrid practice combines the physical and the virtual with the use of sculpture, light and projection. In practice, it looks like this: Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle (2:02), Any Colour You Like (Pyramid III) (1:38), Pyramid IV (3:25), Untitled (Pyramid V) (2:20), and Parmenides I (2:41). See also: Nawer and Temporary Space Design, and Amon Tobin live (previously).

Dev also works with straight 2D video, as seen in the HouseMeister "In Order To Dance" music video and Lovebirds teaser advert.
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This is really impressive. It's hard to understand what this effect would look like in real life - how dependent is it on camera angle and lighting? Is the contrast that high when you look at it in person?
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Mars, here is Star Geode 1, a short clip of live performance. But it's tricky, because cameras can capture something different from what is seen in person.

But if it's anything like the Amon Tobin show, it's frickin' impressive. The fact that this is set up around shape (versus shooting from one side or area) is all the more impressive.
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