Early and Unreleased Iron & Wine songs
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For those who wish Iron & Wine was still releasing music in the same vein as The Creek Drank the Cradle, youtube user modestaretaloger has uploaded a treasure trove of early and unreleased recordings. There is aNick Drake cover, an early version of Faded From the Winter, songs that feature drums, harmonica and mandolin, as well as just plenty of songs that would have fit right into Creek Drank the Cradle or The Sea & the Rhythm.
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And I could have sworn there was a Chelsea Hotel #2 cover, but I can't find it anywhere.
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I like the direction that Sam Beam's been taking recently, because his whisper-quiet style could easily get worn out. That said, this is a great throwback.

It's interesting to note that Nick Drake covers have become a sort of songwriters' rite of passage.
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gah where did they get these?
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gah where did they get these?

IIRC, The Creek Drank the Cradle was a bedroom recording, so Beam probably culled the tracklist from a bunch of recordings. I imagine these are some of the discarded tracks...
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Also, I forgot how much this early Iron & Wine thrums on my heart strings. Thanks for the links.
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Somehow Iron & Wine wormed its way into become one of my favorite bands, perhaps only not taking the top spot because with the breadth of my musical loves I'm not sure a top spot EXISTS.

Which is to say, thanks for this!
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There needs to be an organized effort to keep talented bedroom-recording musicians in the bedroom. So many wonderful lo-fi musicians have been stylistically destroyed by access to a professional recording studio.

I'm looking at you, John Darnielle.
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I love Iron and Wine but that Nick Drake cover sure sounded like Iron and Wine covering that Nick Drake song.
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His newer albums are by far his best. Please don't discourage him!
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My favorite Iron & Wine song is still the cover of the Flaming Lips' Waiting for Superman.
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gah where did they get these?

Beam's bedroom demos have been circulating among traders for a long while now.

(I personally think Shepherd's Dog is his boldest and most listenable album yet.)
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Someone please tell me how to parse that screen name, it's driving me crazy...
Modest are tal oger
Mo destar eta loger
Mode star et al oger
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Oh geeze. Thanks for this. You just gave me my bus-ride-home-chillout music for the next week or two.
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SOme years ago there was a collection of bedroom demos and alternate takes from Creek floating around. Some of these sound familiar, but I think there are at least a few more gems still out there for treasure hunters.
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I can always count on MeFites to scan my brain, find my desires, and fulfill them. Thank you.
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Squeeeee! I love Iron & Wine.
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Cheer up Zach Galifianakis! We'll chip in and get you some new ferns!
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Thanks for the reminder of how awesome Iron & Wine is, I know what I'm listening to at work today :)
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