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For safety's sake, please consider all links herein either nsfw or potentially offensive* Let's Have a Shambles! with the Country Teasers! Formed somewhere in Scotland in 1993 around one Ben Wallers, the Country Teasers forged an unusual contrast between acerbic lyrics, trash punk twang, and honest affect(at)ion of country-western tropes and sounds. They were also equal opportunity offenders, their songs frequently featuring seemingly misanthropic, misogynistic, and even racist lyrics. But despite their affrontive controversy, perhaps they aren't quite so easy to dismiss. Though rarely does he give in-person interviews, Mr. Wallers will, when confronted, defend his "schlock tease," though not without characteristic aplomb. Although the Country Teasers are pretty much dead, their extensive discography has plenty of noteworthy diversions. Some albums to start with are 1996's Satan Is Real Again or Feeling Good About Bad Thoughts, 1999's Destroy All Human Life, and 2006's Back to the Future. Mr. Wallers continues to release new records under the moniker The Rebel. A number of Teaser records were released on In The Red records. *Although if you do find it offensive, I'd simply request considering if that is perhaps the point.
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I remember seeing them open for Wesley Willis, maybe 8 years or so back.

My friend ended up with Ben's hat, and all I got was a headbutt.
posted by St. Sorryass at 6:04 PM on November 9, 2011

Drat. Forgot this live footage that shows their more reckless side.
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I remember seeing them open for Wesley Willis, maybe 8 years or so back.

I'd say you received the far greater honor.
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Great post. I haven't thought about the Teasers in ages. Saw them a few times a decade or so back, including one memorable in-store at the old Sound Exchange in Austin.
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Oh, NURSE! Yup, these dudes are the freaking best.
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