“If I have a little money I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.”
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Books seen in new ways: the Book Drum World Map (popular books mapped to their locations, and more). The Infinite Helical Bookcase. CodexCloud (store, search and share your eBooks online). Also: galleries and blogs of unique bookshelves, Bookshelf Porn and BookPorn.

Infinite Helical Bookcase requires a recent, WebGL-enabled browser and graphics card; Book Drum World Map requires Google Earth plugin. While some of the bookshelf sites have "porn" in the URL, they are not explicit, and should be SFW; also, previously.
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Infinite Helical Bookcase

First, a truly infinite library is a horror story concept.
Girst, a truly infinite library is a horror story concept.
Hirst, a truly infinite library is a horror story concept....

Second, I can't help imagine one those bookstore ladders that clamp onto the shelves and roll along them. Hop aboard, begin to slide down and around -- whee!
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And Borges smiles from up in heaven....
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There are more books in my office building than in yours.
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These are all great. Thanks.

We should probably get an NSFW tag on the last link though, because of naked.
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I think you mean Infinite Helical Bookstore.
I'd appreciate a compendium of all Google Books' actually free books.
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