Whispering Apples
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Tor has user-friendly distributions available for all major platforms, including Android. Yet, Tor has always required jail breaking on iOS, until now.

There is however one big question about Covert Browser : Can you trust closed source crypto?

A priori, any closed source cryptographic software carries an enormous risk of major flaws or malicious backdoors. Do you trust this Stephan Hoffmann? If so, do you trust that Apple won't modify the App Store version?

In practical term, political dissidents should probably eschew iOS for Android's open source releases anyways. If you aren't so important though, Covert Browser still increases your privacy and security.

There is a similar project to Tor called I2P, which although not nearly as mature, claims better optimizations for hidden services. Tor's .onion TLD might offer more hidden sites however.

You should be aware that Tor and I2P cannot provide message security, which requires off-the-record messaging for IM and GnuPG for Email. Tor Browser bundles do however employ the Eff's HTTPS Everywhere for post exit node encryption.
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There is now a Tor node for Amazon EC2 too, btw.
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is it just me or are there a whole bunch of hidden comments here?
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If so, do you trust that Apple won't modify the App Store version?

Oh for goodness sake, is there any evidence that they have?

I mean, there are already literally thousands of secure utilities or apps that use strong crypto on the App Store — Prompt, for example, or any other SSH client.

Is there any evidence whatsoever that shows Apple has modified the code in those apps?
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Project self link, What Is TOR?
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