"Odd Henderson was the meanest human creature in my experience!"
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Truman Capote's, The Thanksgiving Visitor.

Originally published in McCall's Magazine, "The Thanksgiving Visitor" is the sequel to, "A Christmas Memory." [previously]
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I thought the meanest human creature Capote ever met was Perry Smith.

Oh wait, no. He liked that guy.
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Beautifully acted, richly detailed. I loved the true to life communication of all the characters.

The message was a serial bully acknowledged the goodness of Sook, that underneath his malice was good heartedness, that Buddy's premeditated public humiliation of Odd was worse that Buddy's spontaneous, repeated physical assaults and stealing. But it was apparent from the film that Odd's behaviors were also premeditated, his stalking and preying on Buddy, his stomping on the fingers of younger children in the playground. Artie behaved, imo, like a young sociopath, remorselessly violent. In real life, I don't think serial bullies find redemption, they just become more lethal or conniving.

What makes me sad is that Buddy was not protected from Artie's serial bullying by any of the adults. The morality tale to turn one's cheek only really works, imo, when both parties in the conflict have a sense of conscience.

I hope some day there will be warm-hearted ways to teach kids about serial bullies, that are reality based.
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That is the most relentlessly depressing holiday story since "Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen" by O Henry.
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