Dorkly Bits.
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Dorkly Bits is an ongoing collection of short skits based around classic and contemporary videogames. The collection includes: Mistaken Hero Identities, Tails Can't Die, The Diablo Townspeople Should Move, Noob Saibot is a Noob, Yoshi Hates Mario, and many more.
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Batman is the 1% :)
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Holy crap, these are hillarious and well done, with great sprite work, voiceovers and spot-on comedic timing. I have devoured all of these videos in a single sitting.

Another favorite:
Bastion's Narrator invades other games
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These are amazing. That's how "Johnny-C" do, OK??
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Mario is a Furry.
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Oh man... these are too funny. I used to work for Midway Games, and I'm pretty sure that the "That's How Johnny-C Do" conversation happened nearly verbatim several times during the time I worked there.
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If classic games had DLC is my favorite one so far.
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A retro Skyrim trailer!

I quite enjoy the stick people frost troll.
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These are well-done but the style still turns me off. I think it's due to a childhood spent watching bad sprite animations on Newgrounds.
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I love the Echo The Dolphin one.

They are all perfect little bits of genius tapping directly in to my childhood.
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Yoshi Hates Mario had me howling. Probably because I hate Yoshi for some reason I've never quite figured out.
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