A game about crime.
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Taco Fiction is the winner of 2011's Interactive Fiction Competition (previously). According to Emily Short, "Taco Fiction has been the most purely enjoyable experience of the comp so far, full of entertaining twists and surprises, fair puzzles, and a forgiving design that lets you go back for objects left behind or tasks not completed."

Taco Fiction is also the winner of IFComp's Miss Congeniality award, which is voted on by contest entry authors.

The author, Ryan Veeder, has a similarly amusing game called You've Got a Stew Going.

Emily's reviews of the other games in this year's competition.
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First link is broken.

Here's a link to download it.
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First link worked for me?
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This is maddening. I do I go through this damned door? It doesn't like "open door" "use door" "exit" "go through door" "go to NEXT ROOM" ... this is not supposed to be the tricky part. (Other than that, I'm enjoying so far.)
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Interesting set up, but it kind of just peters out..
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I just finished it. It's pretty cool. This is the walkthrough.

If you're stuck, you need to spend more time in the room with the safe, and really check things out there. I thought it was fun, although the walkthough helped in a couple of places.
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If you play the other games in this year's IF competition, you might notice something special - a secret metapuzzle, spanning four games.
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I was hoping that the spraypaint on the utility pole would turn out to be the infamous Parrot stencil.
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Yeah, I never got into these kind of games because it always seemed like the hardest part was figuring out which set of words made you do the things you wanted to do. I have the safe combo, but got frustrated trying to figure out how to tell the game to turn the dials to the right combo. Grar.
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