Life of Brian Costume Help
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Help me recreate the headdress of one of the 3 wise men in Life of Brian, the leftmost one in this pic.

For a longer look, here's a video of that scene.

We want to make a similar headdress using easy-to-find and cheap materials. I'm not a very crafty/imaginative person so please give me suggestions on what materials I can use and techniques of assembly (even if they may seem obvious to you). I'm also concerned that the metal parts might be too heavy to stay attached to the hat part so I'm also open to the idea of using a lightweight material and making it look like real metal, but I don't know how to do that.
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Did you intend to post this on the Green?
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Was this meant to be in AskMe?
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Blue. No, green...
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yes yes, sorry (ugh). I already flagged it. *blush*
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