PDA physical therapy.
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PDA physical therapy. Handspring's new module uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) for muscle stimulation/relaxation after a hard day's work. Will this be the new yuppie toy? Imagine people walking around with two white pads glued to their face confronting quizzical stares with an angry, "What?"
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I saw this mentioned in the News.com article about the Handspring price cuts. I envisioned a Hitachi magic wand massager like device protruding from the Springboard socket. Glad it's not.

BTW, how long before McDonalds sells hamburgers that are Springboard compatible?
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"Alright Hellen, take a memo."






"I said no more 'physical therapy' while you are working. Okay?"


The End
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any idea how long the batteries last when using this device? i would imagine it kills the batteries in a few hours.
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I notice they mentioned the toning benefits but don't make any real claims. I've seen these things advertised in the paper and have wondered how EMS could be effective without becoming more popular, given the appeal to the average American of exercise you can get while watching TV. Does anyone know how well this sort of thing really works?
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This has got to be the dumbest springboard module I've seen yet.
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It will be in a junk drawer within 6 months. Nice.
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Tens units (which is what this is, right?) have been sold for decades as alternatively a muscle stimulant, muscle builder, pain reliever, and massager.

It's not pleasant at all, (like tiny needling hot electric pulses) and apart from an intitial "hey, lookit dat, my bicep's twitching" is pretty much throwaway material. I disagree with KevinSkomsvold about the junk drawer diagnosis, they just clutter junk drawers. Tens units are really in their element at car boot or garage sales. This is where they belong, neither here nor there, but in an eternal state of transit between disgruntled seller and gullible buyer.
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An EMS is a version of a TENS unit, the only difference would be a lower frequency of current in the former......the reasons being that the lower frequency stimulates motor nerve more than a sensory nerve.

EMS is around 20 cyles per second
TENS around 90-150

In response to adamsc neither frequency will burn fat or tone muscle. There are arguable benefits re. relaxation and lessening of "tight" muscles. Some people will say "hey this works!" For a lot of people though, it's a 7 day wonder.
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