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Wonderful Ambiguity. (some later images NSFW; or are they? [but seriously, some possibly even more nsfw than this]) "Sculptors" "today", what with their "plank piece I & II", "planking" back when it was "cool", before it was hip; there are at least 47 pages of wonderful, mercifully, none relating to "planking".

The ultimate wisdom of the photographic image is to say: ‘There is the surface. Now think—or rather feel, intuit—what is beyond it, what the reality must be like if it looks this way.’ Photographs, which cannot themselves explain anything, are inexhaustible invitations to deduction, speculation, and fantasy.
Susan Sontag, On Photography, 1977
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Er, sorry, in case anyone is confused by the framing, or worried to click; to clarify the overly cutesy, abstruse framing of a nice set of images, there are several b&w arty-partial nudity images included mixed among a million others that are not 'about' nudity at all. The "maybe" bit was going along with the blog theme of asking viewers of images to consider a process of "creating your own truth 'about' images".
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I've never seen an outdoor installation of a Calder sculpture before. This is lovely.
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Nice photos. Thanks!
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"plank piece I & II"

This pretty close to what I want to do to people when I see them 'planking'.
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I've never seen an outdoor installation of a Calder sculpture before.

You probably have.
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Actually, no, shakespherian, but now that I know it's there, I'll definitely look for it whenever I finally do make a trip to Chicago. Thanks!
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