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Three decades on from the release of British Gangster classic Get Carter Michael Brady revisited the film's locations.

Get Carter previously. Newcastle-upon-Tyne in photos previously.
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Three decades on from the release of British Gangster classic, and 12 years on from the pointless, pointless Hollywood remake.
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The car park was demolished last year.
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If you enjoy this, you will probably also like Reelstreets, a site which features updated photographs of locations for classic European films.
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Well, I think Brian Eno said it best when he said:
Mau Mau starter ching ching da da
Daughter daughter dumpling data
Pack and pick the ping-pong starter
Carter Carter go get Carter

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The book was originally set in Scunthorpe, and I've occasionally thought how odd it would be for the town to have been seen and known through this film. I assure you that the "forty years on" pictures of Scunthorpe would be very depressing in a way that only some of these ones are.
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the car park being demolished was one of the great failures of the preservation movement in Britain, that was an important building, and i don't think its connection to the film helpded.
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Gateshead previously.

I'm willing to be a defender of Brutalism, and this was an interesting entry in some ways, but it seems to have been an economic failure almost from the beginning, and I assume it was doomed.
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dhartung, I'd included a link to that post above.
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