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Today Cambridge University offered a complete free digital archive of the personal papers of Sir Isaac Newton, including the Principa Mathematica and his first published research paper. The archives join a number of efforts to open original works of scientific greatness to the world: Newton's original works are handily supplemented by The Newton Project, showing the man's insertions and deletions to his own work.
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They would offer only old, out of date research for free.
posted by Ironmouth at 8:17 PM on December 12, 2011

Just in time for Newtonmas
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Electronic Enlightenment seems to be behind a pay wall.
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And so does Mapping the Republic?
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There sure are a lot of different styles they used for the same letters. At least five dies for the letter "S," or am I wrong in thinking this was printed with a movable-type letterpress method.
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No pdf download?
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Who? Is he the guy who invented the neutron?
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I noticed that Samuel Pepys (he of the famous diary) was shown as the "imprimatur" to Principia. A short Google search revealed that he was at the time President of the Royal Society.

"If he had no other claims to distinction his name would have been perpetuated by this prominent association with a world-famous book. "
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No cut and paste bibles?
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In addition, the Newton MSS Project, based at the University of Sussex, has digital transcripts of Newton's manuscripts, as well as a collection of background videos that discuss Newton's ideas.
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