The sages feel a great joy when they see such people.
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Wonhyo never completed his journey to Tang China, but it is said that before turning back he found enlightenment in a cool drink from a loose skull. Today an international group is following in the footsteps of the 7th century Korean monk. Conveniently, they keep a blog.
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Thank you for posting this. My knowledge of Korean Buddhism is sorely lacking.
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I really enjoyed reading this. Very helpful info for daily life. Thanks for posting.
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Wonderful, thank you! Reading Zen stories of pilgrimage reminds me of Basho's saying "the journey is itself home," and brings my mind a bit closer to my own day-to-day pilgrimage. Sometimes there are highlights, sometimes disasters, but mostly, it's just travelling on, eating and drinking, navigating, doing what needs to be done.
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Metafilter: cool drink from a loose skull.
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Enlightenment is metal as hell.
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Audio about the pure land, very interesting.
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