Nerd Wallet: credit card comparison made easier
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Nerd Wallet is a credit card comparison site that helps you filter cards based on select criteria. You can also limit your search to credit cards from credit unions. See also: the Nerd Wallet blog, with credit card industry and rewards news, and an interview with Tim Chen, founder of Nerd Wallet.
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Hat tip to griphus.
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This is very cool, and helps answer my askme. Be sure to check the credit union box, it turned up this for me. What is cooler than a NASA credit union card (just need to join the AAAS or any of these organizations to qualify). 2% cash back! After spending $2k This is a better deal than any of the non-credit union options I found.
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Because what everyone needs is More Credit Cards!
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You're not supposed to get one of each kind. I think the idea is to get a different credit card, ideally one that is better than the one you currently have.

But I could be wrong.
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Seconding cosmac -- I just did this sort of thing and wound up with the (very nice, so far) Capital One Venture card, so I was unsurprised to see it top this list just like all the others, and I was about to click away in boredom when I decided to try the credit union option on a lark. Hello, NASA Credit Union! What's that you say? I just need to join a cool organization I'd probably want to join anyway and I get 2% cash back for everything over $2000 in a year, and a credit card with rockets on it? Excuse my fumbling keystrokes as I race to fill out your application.
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What does it mean when all the offers are labeled "Sponsored"? Does this affect the rankings?
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Doesn't seem to affect the rankings. I see sponsored and non-sponsored mixed together. I've even seen cases of multiple cards being ranked the same, with sponsored cards lower in the list. Looks like honest disclosure.
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Not the first to implement this idea; a similar website who's name I forgot was mentioned in Nudge as a first step towards their proposal to automate comparison shopping. Their "ideal" was a system by which your transaction history was made available to you in a standardized form, so that you could upload it to sites like this with algorithms to make a best prediction about who you'd be best matched with. They had in mind other repeat businesses as well, like cell phone companies. Download your usage history and see which contract would have been cheapest. Obviously usage may vary from year to year, but it'd be better than how most of us decide these things.

Of course, this comes with a potential dark side: sites like have your history already, and make recommendations. But are those recommendations based on what saves you money, or makes their advertising clients the most money?
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My little credit union just made their top-10 list of community-focused credit unions.
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