Let's Make a Deal
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Slate's Negotiation Academy: a series of podcasts that teach you how to haggle with (among others) jerks & liars, the opposite sex, real estate agents and kids.
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How to Haggle for Anything (J.J. Colao for Forbes, October 28, 2011)

How to Haggle for Anything (Nydia Han for WPVI/ABC, November 14, 2008)

Haggling for Hot Dogs (Tom Chiarella for Esquire, January 31, 2005)
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That;s the big leagues. Clearly I'm going to have to listen to the others to work my way up to that one.
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These are great. Thanks, gottabefunky. I've read a couple of negotiation books so I'm glad that the key concepts were mentioned here.
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"kids -- That;s the big leagues"

My father, a lawyer for 30+ years with killer negotiating skills, took my 25-month-old for a hike. My toddler kept wriggling out of his grasp and attempting to race off into the woods. My father said, "You must hold hands!"

My toddler looked up at him and said, "But grandpa! No cars here!"

Grandpa had no response for that.

And thus was the expert lawyer defeated by the rhetorical skills of a two-year-old.
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I learned very quickly in my first year of teaching not to attempt negotiations with my students. As "War Games" reminded us, sometimes the only winning move is not to play.
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A little disappointed the opening lines were deprecating and how it is super basics.
How about some more advanced stuff? There is research/citations, it exists.
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