Singing animated Christmas hedgehogs. Yup, that's about it.
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Pick a hedgehog and make him sing a Christmas carol. An interactive Youtube animation featuring absurdly cute hedgehogs who will supposedly sing a carol for you. via boringpostcards and metachat
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They seem to get into all sorts of prickly situations (sorry)
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Must forward to everyone in my email list as this is the perfect Christmas irritant.
posted by BlueHorse at 7:10 PM on December 15, 2011

That is so mean! That is so lacking in the Christmas spirit!

This is going to be the eCard I send my sister this year.
posted by maudlin at 7:15 PM on December 15, 2011

I love Bird Box. Watch all the videos. I'm usually pretty stoic when it comes to comedy -- maybe a grin and a chuckle at best -- but all the Bird Box animations I've seen have made me laugh til my sides hurt. This is the good stuff.

Personal favorite: Sketchy Duel.

Show Bird Box some love here.
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Interface could use some work.

Also, it's missing one.
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I can't get any of them to sing at all.
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You are a bad person who was obviously doing it wrong. Go back and do it right, please. I don't want to hear about any more damaged hedgehogs, OK?
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Oh man this was excellent.
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I was really expecting that to be one of Grandma's forwards, but I was happily wrong!
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This is great.
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I like this but it's so mean but awwww but why WHY.

This has taught me that I'm rotten, but NOT to the core.
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Hedge Hogs, But why won't they share?
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