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Welcome to Arts & Architecture. In the case of some, maybe, welcome back...Old-timer. On this website you will find selected projects from issues of the magazine 1945 through 1967.

Arts & Architecture (1929–1967) was an American design, architecture, landscape, and arts magazine. It was published and edited by John Entenza from 1940–1962 and David Travers 1962–1967. Arts & Architecture played a significant role both in Los Angeles's cultural history and in the development of American modernism in general.

Browse by issue. Be sure to appreciate the broad selection of DaDa infused cover designs.

Browse by architect. Including: Eames, I.M. Pei and Associates, Saarinen, and more.

Or, read about the Case Study House program. [wikipedia]
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Above the fold language taken from the 'about page'. More inside from the wikipedia intro. I'm not sure if people care about that kind of thing.
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And many of the case study houses from in and around the LA area are mapped here.
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Very cool, thanks.
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"You already made this a favorite."

I had an impulse to make a bunch of sock puppets so I could favorite this a bazillion times. (I keed, but this is an awesome find anyway)
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Yes, yes, yes!

The best thing about art school for me was hanging out in the library and going through all the old design periodicals. There's gold in them thar stacks!

It's interesting, though: A lot of the time, the vintage ads were more interesting--that is, they said more about the culture of the time--than the actual content of the publications. This is especially true, and especially ironic, of the magazines for admen, like Print and Communication Arts.
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