"I can't stop acquiring books..."
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The Library: [SLYT] A film by Sergey Stefanovich. A journey through Duncan Fallowell's library which has spilled over into every available space and become an art installation in its own right. With the writer talking.
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Duncan Fallowell
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Books do furnish a room. Quite a collection — although I didn’t notice any Mickey Spillane or Stephen King (or even the very English Agatha Christie) in there. Anyway, thanks for the post. That is what my house would look like if my wife was not around.

Having learned about Mr. Fallowell only from that short film, I would never have guessed this, from stbalbach’s link: ”Fallowell admitted to being offered the role of lead singer in Can, after the departure of Damo Suzuki in 1973. After a ‘long dark night of the soul,’ he decided to turn the invitation down.”

p.s. Thanks to Some1, in this post, I was happy to learn about the bibliophibians.
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Wonderful, thanks for posting!
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This is grand, why isn't everyone flipping out about how great this is. Thanks!
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That is what my house would look like if my wife was not around.
Yes, that. My apartment before my marriage. Down to ~four thousand now.
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I watched this after culling and packing my books for the third time this year, it saddens me i wont have this many.
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There's something to be said about the kind of off-hand snooty voice he has. It's not his fault, he clearly comes from privilege.

I just find it amusing, because it's the quintessential snooty old british man voice! Harumph....
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"Respect can be a very suffocating emotion" struck me as quite insightful.
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