Mmmm, Green Screen...
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Arduino + servos + laser + phosphorescent surface + Twitter = Fade Away 1. A thoughtful art project about the "permanence" of the Internet.
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I really like the 'hand-drawn' characters. They remind me of the IBM 3165/8 service console. At a time when just about all video terminals were using dot-matrix type displays, the 3066 display characters were 'painted' on like this. It was a distinct and beautiful script.
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During the robot rebellion the lasers will be upgraded to flesh-melting power and the phosphorescent sheet that humanities stupid, absent minded thoughts are engraved on will be YOUR FACE.
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I feel like it shouldn't overwrite what it previously wrote until the text actually does fade from the previous text.
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I want it to have an infinite looped conveyor belt of phosphorescent surface.

That would also fix the keystone problem.
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Matt Richardson also posts on the Make Blog. He's awesome!
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