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Maps. Recent events have sent me all over bookstores and the web to look at and learn from maps. This is the best, and one of the least known sites. For current events, try the Middle East and Afghanistan sections, but don't miss the incredibel Historical maps collection.
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i haven't looked at the collection referenced here but i will bet dollars-to-krispy-kreme-doughnuts that David Rumsey will give UT a run for their money.

from, oddly enough, metafilter.
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Thank you for the groovy links! I, too, have a map fetish these days and I've had trouble finding good ones. I'll try out Rumsey, too.

donkeysuck, next time you're in Atlanta, let's get the KK's while they're hot! :-) [are the servers really slow today, or is it just Earthlink??]
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What a great set of historical maps. There's even one showing my hometown getting squashed during the civil war.

One of the best maps I've found is the Caspian Region map from the May 1999 issue of National Geographic. It's been on my wall for the past month and puts the whole region into perspective.
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The "Perry-CastaƱeda Library Map Collection" at the U Texas site is one of the greatest, most enduring web sites on the Internet. Heavy content, minimal design, reliable servers, no ads.
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Nuke fun: Blast Mapper: Map a Blast
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If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, UC Berkeley's Geography department is having a map sale.
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oh crap.... maps! ... and I had so much planned to do this weekend...
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