Beauty, Curiosity, Feynman
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How do you promote a passion for scientific literacy? Create a video series with lectures from Feynman or Carl Sagan and then add incredible video.

The Feynman series includes Beauty,Honours, and Curiosity.

There Sagan series includes The Frontier is Everywhere, Life Looks for Life, ...entire Sagan Series here.

Created by Reid Gower.
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What is it that's so powerful about the intermingling of voice, imagery, and music? It's as though it engages the respective functional structures of the brain in a perfect neuronal storm. I came near to tears during the opening video.

Thank you so much for this post.
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What is it that's so powerful about the intermingling of voice, imagery, and music?

Carl Sagan could narrate the Holocaust and I'd come back for a second helping.
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Stop making me cry. Stop making me Sagan...

This is deep... and good.
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Miss Sagan... Dammit.
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There have been a lot of these "science remixes" out there.

If SOPA had been the law of the land in the 90's, none of this stuff would be out there. Oh, and there was actually a law proposed back in 2002 that would have gone far beyond SOPA - it would have made any computer without built-in DRM illegal to sell in the U.S.
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...which is why i'm downloading them just in case.

Great vids, Wolfster, thanks, it made my week.
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I feel so strongly that mystics and theists and the faithful strip grace from the world by falsely asserting that they have answers to the big unanswered questions. Asserting false knowledge, praising the institution of "faith" in untenable hypotheses, doesn't only provide one a hollow sense of comfort, it degrades the very concept of knowledge. Why strive to learn anything if we may simply take faith in one answer or another? Why converse or live or grow if your belief system has provided you with an unshakable framework to eternal bliss? Of course, the faithful still do grow because their meme can't override such a basic human notion, but I think grasping an assumed certainty must greatly diminish one's ability to marvel at the chaotic and wonderful and remarkably advantaged position we find ourselves in after 14.4 billion years of stellar evolution, 4.5 billion years of biogeochemical evolution, and a few hundred blessed years of cultural evolution.
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