Space Quest II! Starring Sludge Vohaul (The Alien MORE Hideous than Your Aunt Hildegard)!
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16-bit color schemes, in a classic retro VGA interface! New soundtracks and voiceovers! No typing required! Infamous Adventures resurrects and lovingly remakes Sierra Games from the 1980's: Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge and Kings Quest III. SQ2 was released yesterday after more than five years in production, and comes complete with a cheesy trailer. Available for download for PC and Mac, but be forewarned, the game is a total memory hog, and uses up a whole meg of RAM.
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No typing required?

Not to downplay their work, but I always felt the typing was one of the charms of these kinds of games, and lost interest around the time of Quest for Glory III, where the games moved away from the text interface.

With icons and point-and-click, you know which pieces you have and you just have to put them together properly, or even worse pixel-hunt for the right spot. I didn't feel that way with the text parser.
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I had momentarily confused Space Quest with Space Ace, and was all set to download a sequel.

But alas, no.
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Pick up everything that isn't nailed down.

Pick up everything that isn't unstable ordnance.
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The SQ2 remake isn't available for Mac yet, apparently, and there's no Mac port of the KQ3 remake at all.
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Ack. Sorry. I didn't realize.
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It's okay, Apple RAM is too expensive anyway.
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The upgrade cycle continues.
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FINALLY! A reason to get drunk in front of my computer!
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Lovingly remade Sierra games, you say? And me with an extra week of winter break ahead of me? Happy New Year, everyone!!
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Thank GOD they remade the tentacle maze. Hopefully it isn't harder than everything else everywhere now.
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Glad to see some loving attention being paid to the click-adventure genre. That along with text based adventures really made gaming really enjoyable in the late 80's to mid 90's...these types of games are now also fairly rare, with the alternatives being casual popcap-like diversions, sand-boxy yet almost always violent rpgs, or games simply designed to stimulate gratification from crime, murder, or war...there's an over-abundance of first person shooters that unfortunately fare better in the gaming market. All those simple lighthearted adventure games that Sierra were known for have been sorely missed...thanks for posting this!
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Looks cool. But, what's with the link to PartyPoker on the KQIII page, under Features? WTF?
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