Floppy Chorus
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Moppy is a M_usical Fl_oppy controller program built for the Ardiuno UNO. (Github link.) Who dares argue the haunting refrain of the Imperial March fails to haunt ever more still when played back by floppy drive read-heads? Perhaps you'd enjoy Jonathan Coulton's Still Alive in the original 3.5", or Daft Punk's Tron anthem Derezzed? And though the season has lapsed, you can always cue up Carol of the Bells, primed and ready for December 2012.
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Aha, previously.
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The Derezzed one isn't as good as I was hoping, but I can't help thinking that's how it was meant to be played.
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Yeah, I had the same thought, Zompus. It gets better towards the middle. Derezzed is a glitchy song anyway.

The previously link had a link to this explanation of one man's attempt at something similar, though not Ardiuno-controlled.
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Not ready reading drive A
Abort, Retry, Sing a song about it?

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So sing a song == fail?

I guess that explains the whole "starving artist" thing.
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Failure Is Never An Option.
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I like this one better than most of this genre.
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Needs more pony.
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Yeah, I don't know how, but Bach somehow had floppy drives in mind when he wrote Toccata & Fugue. I think that ones so good because the programmer took the timbres of the drives into account assigning parts. Also because it's not a terrible imitation of a pipe organ. Also because it's very ghost-in-the-machine-y. Thanks flabdablet!
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