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Vintage Ebony Magazine tumblr

And the entire back catalog.
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We've partnered with Google to offer our entire 65-year archive for free browsing.
I wonder what happened to the first 14 years?
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Made me look up this guy
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The Ebony fashion show ticket price included a one year subscription to Ebony or six months to JET magazine. I haven't read it in ages but I still see it in most black hair salons. This really takes me back.
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load this picture

then advance the video in another tab, to 0:45 and listen to the audio when looking at the picture

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Poor Rodney Allen Rippy.
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Some incredible images here, thanks.
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I would love to know what's up with this McDonalds ad.
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the jam: a little more context
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It's also worth pointing this out:
McDonald's is widely respected in the African-American community after fostering the careers of hundreds of black entrepreneurs and is among the largest employers of young African-Americans in the country. In 2001 the burger giant received the NAACP's annual Appreciation Award.

The chain has about 375 black franchise owners, who make up one of the most powerful minority business organizations in the country. Among them they own more than 1,500 restaurants and run businesses that bring in more than $2 billion in sales. About 37 percent of the 2,600 owner-operators in the U.S. are black, Hispanic or women, a company spokesman said.

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Is anyone else unable to get to * sites?

If you search on the web, there are a small percentage of us that just can't get a route to those sites (served by a server-side proxy.) The IP addresses we get are nonsense, but no amount of nameserver hacking seems to fix it.

Apparently, it is an on-again-off-again thing. Sometime in the last few months my net can't reach these sites. It has worked in the past.

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