Friday the 13th by Thelonious Monk and everybody else
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For Friday the 13th of January, WFMU DJ Kurt Gottschalk played about 20 different versions of Thelonious Monk's Friday the 13th, including quite a few sent in by his listeners. Here's the playlist and 3 hour mp3 stream (below the blinky picture of Monk), including listeners' comments. Good luck!
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Holy Shit does this look good. Thanks for posting it, I know what I'll be listening to while getting ready and pre-drinking before my friend's Friday the 13th party tonight.

is it ok if I hope that the artist 'Cortex Bomb' turns out to be the dubstep pseudonym of our very own cortex?
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WFMU has made the occasional attempt to suck but they're just not good at that sort of thing
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I'm glad to see that most of you are waiting to post your comments until you've had a chance to listen to all three hours. Admirable restraint!

I'm thinking that this would be a old mefi music challenge for Friday, April 13...
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A good challenge. Not old.
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'Still not enough Monk in the world for this cat! Btw, u might enjoy this linky: (just keep it under your hat lest you have to take the rap for a pal on probation).
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caught some of this earlier today and was very happy glad someone else was, is, will be listenin' too!
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