National Public Rodeo
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National Public Rodeo Vanity Fair's David Margolick on the recent history and (somewhat) uncertain future of National Public Radio.
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I just want to say that that title is my new favorite thing, and how I will be referring to NPR as often as possible.
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Jesus I never knew Juan Williams was such a complete jackass.
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christ what a bunch of assholes
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Jesus I never knew Juan Williams was such a complete jackass

Someone should fire that asshole.
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I love NPR, but it sure seems like a pretty insular and dysfunctional place to, well, do much of anything.
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I don't like NPR because they patronize the audience (Click and Clack are the worst of it- Those guys ought to be kneecapped) and always imply that "the truth is somewhere in the middle" but let the bad guys have the last word.

Back during the WTO protests their reporter said "Well, I see the crunchy granola set is here in full force". Let them crash and burn.
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NPR is no longer news, just more pandering to the corporate overlords - screw em.
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I've long been a fan of AM radio. I've been listening since my early 20s and now that I'm in my 30s (their target market) I find myself more often than not - tuning into other news services. For the longest time NPR was about information. Information that wouldn't receive from other news sources. At some point this changed into something else. I'm not certain what. The only thing I know is that I listen to the CBC far more than I do NPR now.
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