Extinct Monkey Lives!
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SFU graduate students captures photos of the "critically endangered Miller’s Grizzled Langur, which had never been documented in the 38,000-hectare Wehea rainforest and was thought to be possibly extinct."
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Langur? Wehea? Hectare? What do these words mean?
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It's Miller's Grizzled Time!
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A langur is an Old World monkey of South Asia.

Wehea Forest is in Borneo, declared protected.

The hectare is a unit of land measurement equal to 10,000 sq. meters, compared to an acre which is 4,047 square metres (or 0.405 hectares).
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Jeez, you just have to test address 0x100 to know that the MonkeyLives.
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I'm not sure that finding one means this old worlder is in the clear.
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Meanwhile, my grizzled langour is flourishing.
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