Harder than it seems at first.
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Musaic Box is a puzzle game that uses music to define the pieces. Find outlines for songs, and then try to put them together...very fun and addicting. Don't try to play with the sound off obviously.
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I really enjoy the music puzzle part of the game, but the pixel hunt beforehand is super annoying. Still, thanks for posting.
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Hmm. I finished the first room, clicked the next room on the map, and... it took me back to the intro screen (without any buttons to push.)
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Ah, nevermind. The game simply breaks unless you let it stream video ads at you between rooms (in my case, necessitating the removal of my hosts file to proceed.) Still fun, thanks.
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The game somehow broke my mouse in Chrome. Too bad... sounds like a neat game.
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They lost me when the sound of a bassoon came out of the trombonist. Someone spent too much time playing Myst and not enough time listening to the Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra.
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I enjoyed playing it for a while, but it seems to be broken. From the discussion on JayIsGames, the Flash version may have a bug (the download is probably OK): several people said that after solving a puzzle that promised to deliver a key, nada. No key, and you're stuck. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
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