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StateTable:  US/Canada  states, provinces,  territories and minor possessions as CSV, SQL, HTML form elements, PHP arrays, and more. All the countries in the world, as a text list, CSV and API (from the very handy and open Factual).
Also: FreeMapTools, including “how far can I travel from any point on the Earth in a certain time, using a form of ground transportation?”, and “If I dug a tunnel straight through the planet, where should I emerge?” (previously)
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The "how far can I travel?" too is so awesome that I'm going to complain about it -- when I tell it I want to go by "walking" some of the points on the boundary of the region it comes up with are marked by little flags in the middle of a freeway.
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(Apparently there's an "avoid highways" button. But when I click walking, shouldn't it assume I don't want to walk on the highway?)
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I've always wondered where I'd tunnel out to, and this finally answers that question. Thanks interwebs!
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I checked every single place I have ever lived and EVERY GODDAMN TIME I'd emerge at the bottom of the Pacific or Indian Ocean if I dug straight through.

Stupid waterlogged planet.
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Gosh darn it that StateTable website has a swell UI, and golly gee does it make me feel old.
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No, YOU'RE BORING. And you shouldn't be. Boring through the earth is dangerous and unlikely to be successful.

I too was a bit disappointed by "how far can I travel". For walking, Walkscore's "Street Smart Walk Score" is more interesting, though it's fixed to 15 minutes (find your address on the regular site, then click on "check out your new score".
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I always wondered how long it would take me to walk from my city to my family's farm in the event of the apocalypse—48 hours. That seems manageable, assuming I beat my cousins.
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Stupid waterlogged planet.

hehehe ... start in the middle of the Pacific with the most isolated land mass in the world - the Hawaiian Islands. Dig. End up in Botswana!

... maybe tunneling is faster/shorter travel route than flying to nearest continent?
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surfurrus, tunneling would take 42 minutes.
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Wait, it's just a list of states? No coordinates, no FIPS or GNIS? I don't get it. What does that have to do with map tools?
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How splendid. If you dug a tunnel near Salamanca (Spain) where Wellington (Duke of) fought a famous battle, you'd end up in Wellington (NZ). I love this. The universe makes sense!
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