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January of last year, Wayside Creations - a YouTube troupe with a penchant for propmaking - released Nuka Break, a fan film based on Fallout: New Vegas.

After the film went viral, the group set up a fundraising drive that quickly attracted almost $30,000 in support, including that of Dracogen Strategic Investments. With the revenue, they filmed a six part webseries that began to roll out last August, with the IGN-sponsored final episode landed today.

The Behind the Scenes episodes often focus on the nuts and bolts of the production, including how many the props were developed and created. [Previously]
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I really have to find that picture of myself with all the nuke cola caps....

But back on topic, this is awesome. Wasn't there a Fallout TV series stuck in perpetual development hell?
posted by The Whelk at 3:06 PM on January 30, 2012

Never played the game, so I'm sure I'm missing some references, but that was great.
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Oh god, the mayor of Eastwood is amazing

also the sound effects

this is a beautiful thing.
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Also my desire for a jumpsuit is increasing
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I had watched the film but hadn't heard of the series. Pretty well done, thanks for this. Worth watching since I wasn't waiting a year for all of them to come out.
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"now we're even"

oh god yes
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Yeah, I'm with The Whelk. Loved the series, loved the production values, but man, could they have wrapped up just a COUPLE of the plot threads? Please?
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