Hey Mac users, want to beat the rush and get IE 5.0 final early?
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Hey Mac users, want to beat the rush and get IE 5.0 final early? Follow the link to Nick Finck's Digital Web magazine site for the download URL. From the looks of Microsoft's Mac site, it won't be out until tomorrow.
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I got it. I haven't run IE on my system in two years, but I broke down and installed this one. I just want a browser with better CSS support... and one that doesn't display blank pages when closing tags are missing... *sigh*

The reason I stopped running all Microsoft software a couple of years ago was because of extreme system instability. Once I removed the MS software, things got a lot better. So I was rather annoyed to have two really ugly system freezes with IE5 tonight.

Other than the freezes, the browser seems to work pretty well, and I find the interface easier to deal with than other Mac IE versions. (Bookmark editing is freaky, though. It's not at all obvious how you get to the main bookmark organization window -- I think the way it works probably violates a Mac interface standard.)

I suppose the freezes are what I get for running 5.0 and not waiting for 5.01. Still, I don't like that. I've gotten used to Netscape being really stable on my machine (once I turned off Java, that is), and if MSIE is a step backwards, I won't bother to keep running it.
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To clarify that previous post, the Favorites editing problem I was talking about was when you try to get there via the favorites menu. I see now that you can also get there via the favorites tab on the left, and the way it's set up there is a little more intuitive -- still, I don't think I'll use those side tabs much.
posted by litlnemo at 1:59 AM on March 27, 2000

Got it. Didn't crash me like IE4.5 did: plus. Doesn't always render things correctly the first time: minus. Renders them fine after reloading: eh?

I'll need to play around with it more, but the fact that it didn't crash me upon installation was a big thing.
posted by jason at 11:39 AM on March 27, 2000

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