Carla Bley Live!
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Carla Bley Big Band, Jazzfest Berlin, 1995: On Stage In Cages [13m52s], Setting Calvin's Waltz: Parts (a, b, & c) [27m45s], Who Will Rescue You? [8m]

Since Carla Bley [previously] has announced yet another European tour (with no hint of touring elsewhere), those of us living elsewhere will have to content ourselves with videos of live performances:

Carla Bley Band, Jazz Jamboree Warsaw, 1981: Blunt Object [6m22s], Blind And Crippled [8m9s]. Egyptian [8m31s], Still In The Room [13m19s], Reactionary Tango [15m], King Korn [5m13s], The International [8m58s]

The Very Big Carla Bley Band -- Who Will Rescue You? [7m32s]

Carla Bley Trio - Ups And Downs [6m31s]

Lawns (with Steve Swallow) [7m52s], Major (with Steve Swallow) [3m38s], Sing Me Softly Of The Blues (with Steve Swallow) [6m26s],
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Bonus: Carla Bley Interview 2009 [7m43s]; Ring Christmas Bells [6m32s]
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I really like Carla Bley. Really though, no Carla Bley post would be complete without a mention of "Escalator Over the Hill", certainly an epic jazz album. It includes an amazing group of musicians. Very ahead of it's time for when it was recorded and released.

Thanks for the post, I'll be perusing these tonight!
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Seconding "Escalator..." as epic masterpiece. Linda Ronstadt, Charlie Haden, Roswell Rudd, Gato Barbieri; what a lineup. Listening to "On Stage..." just now, she uses trombone so well; much in there reminded me of what I truly love in "Escalator...". I don't get much sympathy in the house when I try to play that thing all the way through, unfortunately. Oh well. I do get farther with it than Surrender To The Air at least.

Thanks for all these links hippybear
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The stuff she did with Swallow was, for me, the pinnacle of a certain type and era of improv.
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Everyone has a favourite. Mine is 'Musique Mechanique'.
And anything she did with Robert Wyatt is cool. 'The Hapless Child' is not technically a Carla project, but it's great.
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Ooh! I love Carla Bley! My fave album by her is Social Studies, with "The Reactionary Tango" on it. Great great tune!
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Swallow seems to be on the big band links too. Aren't he and Bley married? I guess they get along musically, too.
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