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Yes, this will make your cheeks hurt! (SLYTHABV) [single link youtube husky and baby video]
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Interesting, I wonder how it relates to that "silence means danger" verbal grooming thing that social animals do. I know it's a big part in training birds not to be loud (ANY VOCALIZATION MEANS WE'RE SAFE!) and rewarding them for not vocalizing. The other Husky/baby videos (there are many) usually show the baby crying and the Husky howling along to calm it, this seems more like play - for one thing the Husky is focused on the person holding the camera, it almost look like it's asking "Am I doing good? Like this is what I should do? This is playing?"
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Between this and the wolf/bear video from earlier today, it's like a cutevalanche.
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Cute, but I'd hate to be their neighbour.
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Bonus points for the post title.
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The dog's like, "hey baby, I've known these guys longer. I think I can translate for you."
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Then again birds are prey animals and dogs are not, so combined with the dogs adorable " uh am I doing this right?" pose, I think it's play that the baby came up with and the dog is going along with.
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The baby is saying, "Sing with me,doggie! Sing with me!". And the dog is saying, "Help! This kid won't shut up! Heeeelp!"
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I'm as intrigued with the tail wagging as with the dog's singing -- body language is super important with dogs. The "is this okay? am I doing okay? what the heck is all this noise about?" communication mentioned above seems to coincide with the tail's message.
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There's something badly wrong with me because this made me think of John Carpenter's THE THING for some reason...
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I was thinking about The Omen.
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That dog has a serious case of Psycho Eyes.
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Surprisingly, they're still friends six years later. Also, there's a video of the baby French-kissing a "Watusi calf."
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That was the most sarcastic dog I've ever seen. "Oh, you know what you sound like? You sound like this: WA WA WA WA WA WA. Go on, make more stupid noises. Hey, humans, check out how dumb this baby is."
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You want a psycho-eye husky... here it is...
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DOG: What, Baby?


DOG: Perhaps you are hungry, Baby? Is that why you are making noise? I will repeat your noise to the Alpha.


DOG: Why are you staring at me, Baby? You should try staring at the Alpha, like I am. It gets her attention.


DOG: Alpha, your pup seems to be hungry. Or maybe it would like a squeaky toy. I am not clear on what it wants, actually. Alpha. Alpha?


DOG: Are you seriously recording this? You're not going to put this video on that website with the cats, are you?




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I think the whelk has it right. I love how they (mostly) stop at the same time and then start up again at the same time. I do think that the baby just digs the dog's rhythm so he' playing him out, and the dog is more like, "WTF"?
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My husky is conversational like this. (wife won't let me link to videos with her singing/talking with the dog, some lame thing about her professional reputation...WHATever..). She (the dog) will engage in conversation with anyone that gets into her face and woos/growls/barks, and sort of repeats it back to you. It usually moves into puppy-bows and play moves... Lots of fun...Huskies are GREAT dogs!
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You misspelled ears.
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I am apparently awful, because this exchange looked a lot to me like:

BABY: noise noise noise I make noise noise noise
BABY: ...
DOG: ...
BABY: ...
DOG: ...
BABY: ...
DOG: (owner, you're not expecting me to... handle this... are you?)
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Yep, you're right, you're awful! ;-) (if only for using the term "owner")
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This is exactly what happens when I take occasion to talk to my H.R. advisor. She howls a great tune and in perfect time, but in the end I'm pretty sure she'd just as soon eat me for breakfast. She's got an impressive collection of skulls, some of them from babies, some from managers with guilding on their crania. I guess it is what makes a person proficient at human relations.
Homo homini lupus est.
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I hate babies.
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Baby: make noise! I make noise and then you make noise!
Dog: okay tiny human
Baby: more noise!
Dog: I don't think, Alpha are you okay with this? Cause like this thing is screaming and
Baby: More Noise!
Dog: Okay! Noise you people seem to like it, this is good right?
Dog: I seriously do not
Baby: Noise!
Dog: Aroo roo roo wah!
Baby: Noise!
Dog: I well, if you like it, Aroooo whoooooooo
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I hate babies.

Here you go.
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The most adorable thing is the dog going back to the person holding the camera like " we're okay with this? Like this isn't a distress call or anything? This is cool?"
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An innovative rendition of Dueling Banjos.
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Like, compared to this where the dog is focused on the baby and then the baby shuts up, seems more oh shush now, vocal pact bonding. The large breeds have very interesting behaviors toward infants and toddlers, some herding dogs will keep people away from them and become very protective. I know of at least one family where the dog suddenly became All About The Baby and decided its job was to Watch Baby.
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So, yay domestication!
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The Whelk... That's a great clip, I've seen that before. Here at Husky Central, there's a belief that the bond between humans and canines is strongest with the more primitive (meaning, closer to Wolf) breeds, that, somehow, the bond/pack sense is stronger with breeds such as Huskies, Wolves, Malamutes, German Shepards, etc.
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Well, Dogs Like Jobs, so having a brand new human be Your Job seems like it would be automatic.
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"Well, Dogs Like Jobs..."

Yeah, mine uses a MacAir...

wait...never mind...
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This made me a little bit sad. One of these days, the kid is going to figure out how to get its mouth to make words. But the dog never will.

Our dog, rest her soul, was a talker. Only when she felt both comfortable and needy (which was most of the time). Knowing that barking was not, strictly speaking, smiled upon, she would go to great lengths to vocalize. "Urrrrr? UrrRRRrr?" Neck craned, snout aquiver, button-eyes plaintive. "Awooerrr? ErAWeurrRRR? [snort!] uRRf?"

My mom would look down at her and scratch her head sympathetically, which probably wasn't what the dog was after.

"I know," mom would say. "I know! You're trying so hard, but you don't have lips!"


"No lips!"
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The wolf dog clip from The Whelk is awesome. It makes me wonder if the baby had colic, only because my nephew had it and specific types of loud sounds were all that would calm him (in my nephew's case, Old '97s music at full volume.)

I grew up with smart dogs. Shelties. Pogo, who I really grew up with, was crazy about his herding instinct, and would go manic about the ceiling fan, but would also dive into the pool and swim around "herding" my friends and me. Amber, the next dog, was (is, really) perhaps smarter. I remember visiting my folks in Colorado, and hearing her scratching at a box my mom had placed in front of my door in the morning while she was rearranging the basement, and then listening to Amber run upstairs, get my dad to open the upstairs door to the deck, then running down those stairs to find my ground-floor window and start scratching at it for me to wake up and play with her.

That seemed like a pretty smart dog. But in a weird way, I've seen this kind of sympathy more with cats. Cats, who seem most of the time more like freeloading roommates than pets or companions, but who in my experience will notice someone upset and come over to comfort them. I wonder if I'm crazy about that, though.
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Navelgazer: When you're in tune with a cat, the cat will take care of you. In an earthquake, my cat demanded I come out with her, once she persuaded me to open the door for her (it was an aftershock of the Wittier quake, ~1987). She also once attacked another cat whom she thought was attacking me (I had accidently stepped on the other cat's tail, and was hissed at. My cat instantly kicked that cat's ass for daring to hiss at me). But she also attacked me once when I accidentally tripped over one of her kittens.

As for dogs, I lived with some breed of sled dog once. Dog was a complete sweetheart with her humans, and would maim and kill any dog from outside. Folks in the neighborhood learned to abide leash laws, because this beast had zero tolerance for friendly social calls. Out walking, she was the definition of "intense". She was hunting, far as she was concerned. She was a stray that wandered into town one winter. No one claimed her, and we advertised her presence. (This was in Ironwood, MI. A very suitable place to find a stray sled dog).
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This is a group howl for the pack. I know, I hear it all the time... the last time I heard it was probably 6:07 this morning. My daughter (she's 7 months) will do this with Nanuk - repeatedly. He'll also howl to get her to stop crying (which sadly does not work as well with her).

Huskies will howl to comfort, they will howl to alert, and then they'll howl to be part of the pack. All one needs to do is be the source of a sustained or long repetative sequence of notes and one's husky will lose the ability to be remotely quiet. Hell, he'll stop eating to howl. He'll give up treats to howl. And once he has started, it gets harder and harder to get him to stop, he has to get quiet enough to hear that he isn't missing your sound.
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Is the baby signing "more", as in "dog make more noises!"?
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