Stay monkey, stay.
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The Rhesus Macaque that settled in St. Petersburg, Florida (previously) has apparently found his niche.

For the past two years the Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay (aka Mr. Monk), who has over 82,000 fans on Facebook, has been at large despite serious attempts to capture him. No longer having to shake off tranquilizer darts, he now has a cat friend, enjoys Oreos, bananas and is apparently happy and healthy.
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Avoid the comments section of the last link. It contains hateful stupidity.
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I have had a fear of macaques since I learned about Herpes B Simian.
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"Herpes B Simian" sounds like the name of an old ABA league star...
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He's been getting aid from our side for a while. I had keywords set up in rss feeds for news about this lil guy, and when I checked last August there were anon reports that he was getting help from people in the area, and was doing just fine.
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Behind a secluded south Pinellas County home of a retired couple, their elderly mother and an aging cat named Koko, the rhesus macaque has found his comfort zone.

Koko's Kitten Monkey
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What would rhesus do?
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The first video is poignant. He reminds me of an old, exiled sage. He has achieved peace with his isolation and now sits, contemplating the mysteries of the cosmos, eating his oreos and banannas. I love me some friday mornin' anthropomorphism.
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There's no wrong way to eat a rhesus.
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The comments section of the last link also has this:

"I think that we should put a cape on him, furnish him with a fire arm, and train him to fight crime in that area of town (which is incidentally my area of town) - as long as he's on the loose, he may as well do something productive."

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Is there a downside to him living in the "wild"? I'm always suspicious of invasive species in an area. Is there a chance he would be aggressive? Spread disease?
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Get a job, monkey! (previously and previously)
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There are already troupes of rhesus monkeys around Homestead/Miami, who got free after Andrew. It's not unprecedented, though unusual this far north.

When the news is full of alligators getting into peoples' bathrooms, gigantic pythons, African monitor lizards, and frostbitten iguanas dropping from trees, a solitary monkey is cute and cuddly by comparison.

Stay free, monkey. Stay free.
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They say he even looks after their car.

The fact that the above sentence is followed by a quote about the family cat makes me unsure of how actually awesome this monkey really is.

Typo or trutho?
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If I lived in St. Pete I would stalk this foul beast like the evil Victorian hunter in Jumanji. I'd put his stuffed head on my rhino skin front door with a knocker ring through his nostrils.

The geriatric cat may live.
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