Nobody in a costume picture ever goes to the toilet.
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Alfred Hitchcock takes us inside his creative process in this fascinating 1964 program from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. “A Talk with Alfred Hitchcock” is part interview, part master class in the craft of telling stories on film. (via Open Culture)

A few highlights: Hitch's view of the future of theatre (some virtual reality/hypnotism hybrid), his reasoning for making realistic fantasies, and his excellent answer to the awful question "What is happiness to you?"

Note: the YouTube links are apparently geo-restricted, but Open Culture made up for it by posting a list of 21 Hitchcock films available freely online. Score!
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Not available in Canada? Fury!
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maudlin: Noooo! Que ridiculo!

There's an mp3 here, and here is a transcript. I don't suppose Canada has access to Hulu still, but here it is embedded in a Hulu player.
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Hitchcock features/interviews anyone should be able to see:

Paul Merton Looks at Alfred Hitchcock (parts 1-4)

Tom Snyder interviews Hitchcock Part 1; part 2; part 3; part 4; part 5; part 6.
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Oh, thanks for the mp3 -- that's terrific! No, we can't get Hulu without fiddling with proxy servers, but this helps.
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The Telescope series has several clips on the CBC site (which is probably geo-restricted to Canada), but no Hitchcock.
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Yesterday, I re-watched "The Lady Vanishes." Today, I watched commercials for "Project X" during the Knicks-Mavs game.

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