New London Explosion
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The New London Explosion was the subject of a recent trade magazine I receive. The article was about odorless volatile fuel, the safe construction of system delivery, and the importance of odor injection.This is why natural gas stinks.
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1- Butanethiol is the chemical that provides the stink. It is nasty stuff. The human nose is so sensitive to this molecule, a friend that worked on a gas field told me that it is sufficient to coat the inside a few meters of pipe with it to infuse the entire system.
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Previously and previously.
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Damn... I thought there was some new UK music revolution afoot.
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Virginia Gas accidentally spilled 400 gallons of mercaptan in 1996, near where I live.

They treated it like a disaster, and cleaned and scrubbed the area, but you can still smell it 16 years later.
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