An "apology" to President Karzai of Afghanistan on behalf of Americans
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Kira Davis is becoming a hit on youtube with her spirited "apology" to President Karzai for the burning of Korans by American soldiers. Here's a news article from the Washington Times mentioning Miss Davis, the conservative Afro-American California resident.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: It's not really clear who this person is or why this is an interesting statement (and the "news article" appears to be an uncurated blog post.) If this is worth talking about maybe provide some more context and try tomorrow? -- restless_nomad

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Yeah, what an ignorant rant. Karzai housed the Taliban in caves? Oookay. The inclusion of a nod in the direction of "don't behead homosexuals" was nice, though. That should cause a tweak or two in some of the crowd that's gonna love the hell out of this.
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I'm sorry about the logical fallacies. I'm so so sorry.
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I'd like to add my two cents to the conversation. As much as I understand and regret the predicament of the Afghan people, I no longer think that the United States has any obtainable goals through the ISAF mission and should conclude its military mission as soon as possible.
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Kira Davis owes me an apology. And four minutes of my life back.
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This is not a good post for metafilter.
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The best part is when she calls Karzai out for his "fake moral outrage."

American Conservatism is a helluva drug.
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While I'm not the biggest fan of President Karzai, his government, our intervention in Afghanistan, or the often medieval shit that happens there, I'm not sure that this is much more that her preferred strategy of "just quickly level[ing] the bad guys and get[ing] out" is a particularly good plan.

Yeah, this country that we reduced to a medieval backwater with our horrific cold war machinations is now horrifically backward. OO sick burn lady, you sure got him good.

Any proper apology contains some essential elements,

A detailed account of the situation
Acknowledgement of the hurt or damage done
Taking responsibility for the situation
Recognition of your role in the event
A sincere statement of regret
Asking for forgiveness
A promise that it won't happen again
A form of restitution whenever possible

Everything else, including this, is just narcissistic bullshit.
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That was bad.
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Flagged as GRARbait.
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