Back to the Future
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In 1976, American students put their Tricentennial imaginings to paper. Some larger versions of the drawings are available over at Buzzfeed.
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Oh, COME ON! Where's the drawing of a boot stamping on a human face forever? Kids these days.
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I... in Eduardo del Villa's picture, that's clearly Will Riker napping on a cloud, right?

I am freaked out. Can't sleep. Riker'll get me.
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Unfortunate juxtaposition: Robert Berman's robot president saying "AS YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT I WILL..." followed by Tina Kambitsis' mushroom cloud. Yikes! But at least everything turns out okay in the next drawing.
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In 1976 I was in love with Judy Jetson and Judy West so I would have probably drawn a Lost-in-Space/The Jetsons mixup 2076.
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This drawing by Joanne Connaire seems to show children of the world joining hands in 2076, with their faces obscured, quite possibly wearing masks to protect themselves from whatever brown mass (air pollution?) is behind them.

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