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Yahoo! Screen launched its live stand-up comedy streaming service on February 23 with Bill Maher's CrazyStupidPolitics. The show is still available to watch (recorded, obviously) via Yahoo!, and also on YouTube. (about 1 hour)
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25 minutes into the youtube version, they really should have mic'ed Maher better. He's randomly quiet then loud, then quiet then loud
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If you're a regular Real Time watcher, a lot of the jokes will be familiar to you, but cest la vie.

That and someone needs to tell Bill Maher to STOP LAUGHING AT YOUR OWN JOKES AS YOU TELL THEM. It wasn't funny when Jimmy Fallon did it on SNL either.

But don't get me wrong, I was still glad to see, and glad to see his $1 millon donation to Obama's SPAC. I wish this had gotten more news coverage, as it was meant to highlight how stupid superpacs are.
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That and someone needs to tell Bill Maher to STOP LAUGHING AT YOUR OWN JOKES AS YOU TELL THEM. It wasn't funny when Jimmy Fallon did it on SNL either.

And yet it's funny when Fallon does it on Late Night. I have no idea why, but it works in that context.
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So Maher apparently commissioned Alexandra Pelosi to travel around Mississippi interviewing random people about their political beliefs...Apparently these are not cherry picked or anything. Though they did exclude many of the people they interviewed who were missing teeth, to minimize the impression that they were axe-grinding.

Real Interviews with average people in Mississippi
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Apparently these are not cherry picked or anything

Yeah! Just totally random!
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I've tried various times over the years to like Bill Maher, and I just don't get it. For all the talk of Michael Moore being the liberal version of Rush Limbaugh, he really isn't at all. Moore's work is problematic in a lot of ways, but there's always that self-effacement, that glimmer of humanness.

Maher, on the other hand. Has he ever questioned himself? Has he ever tried thinking in the opposite direction, to see how it feels and what he can learn from it? He seems to live in a very simple world. A lot of people whose opinions I generally respect like him, but I just don't see it. Or I haven't seen it yet, anyway.
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I like his show because he tends to have at least one sensible person on the panel. But I really can't stand the self assured tone of his delivery. And then the sexist undertones of a good portion of his jokes just rub me the wrong way and seem counterproductive to his political ambitions, whatever they are. Being pro-choice doesn't absolve all the other misogynist shit he says.
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There's a lot about him I don't like, but still find him hilarious.
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I can watch this in Australia. Amazing. Started to watch it and then stopped. Not amazing.
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Yeah, before I waste an hour on this, can someone tell me if it's different and/or better than any of his other stuff?

Why oh why do I find him so much more irritating and sanctimonious than other comedians who do almost the exact same shtick?
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...okay, so if you go to the Yahoo screen page they also have short clips so you can see if he's actually funny this time.

...he isn't. That Lindsey Lohan joke was weak.
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Ugh, look, Maher isn't the greatest, but this post deserved better.

"...[Herman Cain] wanted to be Secretary of Defense, under qualifications he listed: Karate.
...[Gingrinch] if this guy was any slimier, you could kill him with a box of salt.
...[Santorum] When you can stand between a meglomanical serial adulter and a robotic mormon and still come off as the creepy one...
...[the republican base] they're too stupid for you to speak in code, you just have to come out and say the racist things."

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Some excerpts from a discussion between Maher and Marc Maron about liberals responding to comedy:

"It's weird with the liberal sense of humor. It's hard to identify sometimes." Marc Maron

"Liberals are just the worst audience in the world. They re just too politically correct." Bill Maher

"It s never enough for a liberals,it s like, Yeah, the talk about the economy was great, but, you know, what you said about the bluefin tuna was an issue." Marc Maron
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