What Am I Fighting For???
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Do you enjoy the work of independent musicians? Do you like Capcom's Mega Man X series of video games? Then you'll love OverClocked Remix's latest album, Maverick Rising. The free five-disc album features 62 tracks by 49 artists in a collection totaling over 4 1/2 hours of Mega Man X music remixes spanning 8 of the primary games in the series and a few extra goodies.
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I'm hoping at least one of the tracks plays off the stage-opening music, because I love that riff.
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In other Mega-Man-inspired-music news, The Protomen will be shooting their first "real" music video next month.
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The OverClocked remix of FFVII 'one winged angel' is pretty boss, too.

It was recently featured on an episode of extra credits.
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