the self care of insects (grooming, mlyt)
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Listen to the Bug Bytes episode Scrub a Dub Bug, then head on over to youtube where you can see various insects cleaning themselves: Lacewing, bumblebee, probably a bee, praying mantis, parasitic wasp
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I saw these people at our local Science Pub. They are great!
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So much adorable bugness !
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OH MY GOD THIS IS SO CUUUUUUUUTE ♥ thankyouthankyouthankyou

i felt like a voyeur watching the mantis
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THANK YOU! This is fantastic.

My kid was just negotiating with me for more computer time, and I agreed to it on two conditions: That it's Somewhat Educational and it will be My Choice. This is way better than making an eight year old read the NYTimes article about the Cupcake Wars... it's as good as Strangely Adorable Spider!
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That parasitic wasp seems to be beatboxing while she (he?) grooms.
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Oh wow I can watch bugs do their thing for hours at a time, this is great!
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On a summer day, when the occasion has arisen, I've enjoyed watching flies and ants groom themselves. Here is a lovely macro HD example of a fly. And an example of an ant grooming.

It's been one of those things never talked about with anybody, something private, a tiny gem of an experience, personal, on par with an Emily Dickinson moment. Something intimate looking at others' videos of insects grooming.
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The one listed as "probably a bee" is actually a fly.
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