Giant Fighty Robots, take two!
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Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack is the 10th anniversary revision of Mechaton, a fast-paced table-top game of giant robot combat. Giant robots made of LEGO!

The original game was created by indie game designer Vincent Baker (maybe best known for the rpgs Dogs in the Vineyard and Apocalypse World). Fellow indie star Joshua A.C. Newman (designer of Shock: Social Science Fiction) joins him for the revised Mobile Frame Zero system and will publish the game.

As of now, the project is over 200% funded through Kickstarter.

Personal note: I knew I should have hoarded my childhood LEGO collection.
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This is brilliant!
posted by grobstein at 8:01 AM on March 21, 2012

Mod note: Nixed the Kickstarter link, we pretty much need to not have open-for-funding projects linked on the front page. If this is a problem, let me know.
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Sure, sorry about that. This link to Newman's blog will lead to more info about the game.
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who is funding rest 800%?
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Everyone who snarks about inelegant or ambiguous language on the Internet. That is to say: you, me.

That is also to say, touché.
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Sorry, I used to have a terrible Warhammer 40K problem that I thought was behind me. Apparently that kind of thing can crop up again even years down the road. Of course, you never get that Lego monkey off your back.
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God, itching to go home and build tiny Lego mechs now.
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Wargaming, Mecha and Lego in one place, a perfect geek storm.

I wish my lego wasn't 100 miles away
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do you have to do "conversions" if the mech is made of technic parts
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This really needs a link to Brikwars. Here is a link to Brikwars. Brikwars is fun.
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Okay, just realized I should have included a link to the game's Flickr pool for all your giant fighty robot picture needs.
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