Don't get lapped.
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The Red Hook Criterium is "an unsanctioned race held at night featuring a fixed gear criterium and a 5km running race held over multiple laps of a short technical circuit. The field consists of elite athletes, track stars, amateur runners, professional cyclists, bike messengers, and urban cyclists." First held in 2008, the Crit has steadily gained momentum, recognition and exposure. In recent years it has spread to Milan (highlights, footage). The 5th running of the Red Hook Crit is being held tonight. Red Hook Crit website and promotional design by MeFi's own fidgets.
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Great post. Last years winner, Dan Chabanov, has a great Tumblr worth following.
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What does "running race" mean in this context?
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What does "running race" mean in this context?

It's a race held earlier in the night on the same track and with the same general rules but on foot, not on a bike. And you probably don't get pulled off the track if you get lapped like you do in the bike race.

The running race consists of four laps around the same tight and technical 1.25 km circuit.

• 4 laps
• 1.25 KM lap / 5KM total distance
• 1st lap ‘prime’ prize awarded to first overall runner at the end of lap 1
• Team prize based on accumulative points (details to be released)

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Oh, so it is a foot race. I was confused because the highlights clip (in the "unsanctioned" link) didn't show any runners.
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Including a bike race held at night on public roads and bike lights are actually banned in the rules. Darwin never sleeps.
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And track bikes are required. Meaning no freewheels or brakes.
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Thanks. Walked over to watch. About as fun as a bike race can be. But they've moved it off the streets and set up a track in the giant cruise terminal parking lot. Dudes were fast! Saw one nasty crash that broke a fork clean off the bike.
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I was right near that crash! He hit the barricade right next to us. His fork totally disintegrated. They ended up widening that corner cause so many people were crashing there.
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