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Kefirpedia aims to be the authority of all things kefir-related on the Internet, using evidence-based research (not just hype!) and community collaboration for know-how and recipes.
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Their claims ring pretty hollow. This page, for example, is linked in the main navbar on the right, makes some falsifiable claims, and has exactly zero references or cites. In fact, poking round the site, the 'health benefits' page is the only one with any references or cites at all - it has three. 'Evidence-based research' indeed...
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metafilter: a naturally effervescent dairy product with unproven health benefits.
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This is great (at least the recipies). I like kefir (and don't give a whit about the health claims ... I just liek it). I've been making my own yogurt for a while and have wanted to know how to make kefir, so this'll be a huge help.
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Another kefir fan here. It's the flavor and consistency I love... that bracing tartness that's been removed from most commercial yoghurts. I also love lassi, especially in the summertime.
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I love kefir, but I have to say, there's not much to look at on this kefirpedia site: only two recipes, a one-line explanation of "what is kefir" ("a fermented milk beverage from the Caucasus region that originated some 1000 years ago." - - and on the blog page, one comment which is now almost 2 years old:

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We are in the process of building site content. Please stay tuned!

Seems like another one of those websites that somebody started on some rainy afternoon, then quickly abandoned ...
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Now I won't be able to watch Lethal Weapon 2 without thinking "Man, how did the villain know Riggs loves fermented milk beverages?"
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Sites that say "We are in the process of building site content. Please stay tuned!" may not be ready for prime time.
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Something all the paleo/primal blogs I read keep saying is that kefir helps repopulate beneficial gut flora better than yogurt, which is interesting if true. My kids like it so I should probably learn to make it, it's kind of expensive.
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How could a self-proclaimed "Kefirpedia" completely forget to mention that other underappreciated kefir, Water Kefir. Stuff is awesome, nature's soda.
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Hey all, I did a quick survey of the site and assumed there was more there; didn't realize it was so sparse.

The bizarrely named Dom's About Kefir in-site is a somewhat more comprehensive (if horrificly laid-out) website that goes a bit more into kefir and kefir grains (it appears that they also sell them). Maria Fremlin offers a similarly 90s-esque webpage of kefir-based recipes. reiterates much of the "wonder drink" aspect (calling it "the Ancient Antidote for Modern Maladies"). Then there's A Brief History of Kefir.

Kefir can be made using kefir grains or culture. Here's How to make kefir using grains. To get started, you'll need kefir grains! Fortunately, there is a kefer grain share page that lists groups and individuals around the world who share kefir grains (apparently, for a modest fee to cover costs + shipping).
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Kefir Sutherland.
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Kefir is delicious, especially if you mix in some blueberries or other sweet fruit. However, I did know a Russian whose daily breakfast was a bottle of kefir and a pack of cigarettes, and the inside of that man's guts must have been a *terrifying* place.
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Can't people just enjoy kefir without making it into a proselytizing cult complete with poorly sourced claims of inerrancy?

Wait, what am I saying? It's the Internet.
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Kefir is okay, but it's no skyr.
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At first glance I was concerned that this was an encyclopedia of racial slurs spoken by white South Africans.
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